Who we are

Who we are:

Based in the Broad Chalke we are Nicki and Nigel Tinkler. We have both had lengthy careers in the public and charitable sectors before ‘retiring’ to the area. Nicki is a qualified personal trainer at Level 3; an exercise referral specialist* (Level 3) and also qualified to train older adults* (Level 3). In addition she is trained to Level 4 in Chronic Lower Back Pain, Level 4 in Cancer Rehabilitation and Level 4 as a Golf Fitness Specialist. She has a passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle and really enjoys supporting, motivating and inspiring others to achieve their health,  fitness and sporting goals. Nigel provides the essential back office support.

In her younger years Nicki was a keen competitive runner but now takes a gentler approach to her own fitness enjoying training in her studio, walking in the beautiful countryside and playing golf. Having suffered a range of illness and injury herself she is well aware of the benefits that a healthy and fit lifestyle can give and enjoys sharing her knowledge and inspiring others to improve theirs.In particular Nicki enjoys the challenge of working with people who wouldn’t go to a gym or attend exercise classes and helping them enjoy their health and quality of life through improved fitness.

*Exercise referral allows doctors and other health care practitioners to refer patients with a range of medical conditions where exercise is proven to help the management of the condition. These include: osteo and rheumatoid arthritis; diabetes Type 1 and 2; joint replacement; simple mechanical back pain; osteoporosis; asthma; COPD; cardiovascular disease including hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, CHD and angina; obesity; stress, anxiety and depression.

* Exercise for older adults’ looks at the particular issues with training adults over 65 years and enabling them to maintain and improve quality of life.