What clients say:

“I found Nicki through the recommendation of a friend. She immediately impressed me with her friendly, positive and highly professional manner. She is really helping me to build up my fitness and my personal confidence. I can trust Nicki’s professionalism – programmes are planned and adapted to support me as an individual with several medical needs. She is always encouraging – and never gives up on you. A brilliant personal trainer.”

“As a 55 year old woman, and recently retired from a stressful and sedentary job, I found myself lacking stamina to do the walking and active pursuits that not having to go to work everyday meant were possible. Not only has Nicki’s fitness programme helped with developing stamina and overall fitness but her analysis and observations on my food diary have meant I’ve reformed how, what and when I eat. So I’ve lost weight and my measurements have decreased by 12.5 centimetres overall- and that’s only half way through the ten week course. I also had a troublesome hip and back, and through the exercise regime I’m working on with Nicki, the muscles around my troublesome joint and bones have become much stronger. The pain in my hip has decreased markedly. Through our weekly sessions I’ve learnt so much about my own body and about fitness and healthy living in general that I could go on for hours. In summary I am stronger, fitter, more toned and more confident. Working with Nicki has been amazing fun and has been quite life-changing!”

“As a 62 year old, overweight, unfit female with a sore back which was threatening to become a chronic problem, I realised that I had to do something to lose weight and improve my fitness.  I thank the day I went to see Nicki who took me through a one to one exercise and fitness programme over 3 months, tailored specifically for me, in order to achieve my goals – including weight loss.

It has been transformative.  I have lost 2 stone, changed my eating habits,  improved my posture and discovered muscles I didn’t know I had.  My back pain has gone, I feel so much better and my clothes fit again!   I continue to use a  maintenance exercise programme at home.  I could not have done it without Nicki’s expert knowledge, encouragement and support and I thoroughly recommend her.”

“ I get as good a service of 1-2-1 training as I could get anywhere, indeed Nicki’s attentiveness and professional approach beats any public gym I have been to by a mile………”

“I came to see Nicki because I was so impressed by what she had achieved in working with my nearest neighbour. At 65 I thought it was about time I took myself in hand. Training has been more fun than I could have imagined. Nicki varies the training routines constantly, which means I’m never bored. I feel stronger, more toned, and my balance has improved a lot. I am walking differently, something friends have commented on. I have a spring in my step. If I miss a session I can really feel it in my next session, which makes me determined to get there whatever the weather!”

“I came because I had had many sessions with various back specialists and many many massages because of chronic hip pain for over a year and I am a very active person and it was really getting me down– and I had had to stop my classes so I thought some personal targeted exercises might help I am definitely improving – less pain and much stronger core.”

“I am a 66 year retired woman who turned to Nicki 16 months ago for help with recovery from a less than successful hip replacement. I needed to regain strength, mobility and physical confidence when walking. All this we achieved – and then I was hooked! My current goals are to tone up and improve stamina and flexibility. The regular fitness tests we do show continuous improvement in every area.Nicki uses a combination of encouragement and firmness that inspires great confidence. Her meticulous attention to detail means that clients get real personal attention and a regime that suits them perfectly. I would recommend Nicki to anyone of any age who wants to improve their health and fitness.”